Safety and Prevention

The number one cause of death for children is preventable injuries. Your local pediatrician has some tips to help keep your family safe, by taking a few precautions. 

Learn basic first aid and CPR – Most community colleges and medical centers offer free child first aid and CPR classes. These classes teach you how to determine if an injury is severe enough to warrant an emergency room trip. They also teach proper wound care and how to manage an emergency when you do not have a hospital close by. The CPR classes save thousands of lives each year. Administering CPR to a child is much different from to an adult. If you administer CPR to a child with too much force, you run the risk of breaking a rib, which can puncture a lung. 

Transportation safety – Motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause for adolescents from 1 to 18.  Your pediatrician can offer information on car seats, and when it is appropriate for you to transition your child from car seat, to booster, to a seat belt. 

Water Safety – Drowning is the number two cause of accidental injury and death for children. If you own a pool, erect a locked fence around it. Teach your children how to swim and the dangers of being in a pool without adult supervision. Most toddlers accidentally fall into swimming pools and then drown. If you have a toddler, put extra locks on your doors so that the child cannot accidentally wander into the pool area.

Bicycle safety – Many parents do not insist that their children wear a bicycle helmet. The reasoning is that they never wore one and they are fine. This reasoning will not protect your child if they fall off their bicycle and incur a concussion as a result. Your pediatrician can offer advice on the proper fitting of a bicycle helmet.

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