Tips For Parents With Newborns

When you have a baby, everyone has some advice to offer. Your mother in law can tell you how to relieve gas. Your aunt Martha has a home remedy for constipation. Everyone has an opinion for parents with newborns. New parents find that they have mixed feelings between what they are told by friends, versus what they read in parent magazines. The bright green poop, little squeaks and noises a newborn makes and the umbilical cord are enough to make any parent crazy! 

Here are some tips that everyone can agree on…

Sleep when the baby sleeps - Many new mothers try to do laundry and clean the house while the baby is sleeping. This is a big mistake as the mother needs a full 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep each day. 

Ask for help when you need it – You do not need to be super mom and go it alone. A good mom knows when to ask for help. Invite a friend over to hang out, chat, and fold laundry together. Leave the baby with your husband for an hour so you can get a facial. 

Make your own decision about breast-feeding – While breast-feeding is the best nourishment for the baby, it does not mean that formula is a poor choice. Breast-feeding is not always possible for a variety of reasons. While some mothers have perfect shaped nipples and produce a seemingly endless supply of breast milk, many mothers are not this fortunate. If breast-feeding is causing you stress and you feel that you are just not cut out for it, then switch to formula. 

Pediatricians can offer new parents tips and advice on a wide range of issues such as the types of formula, immunizations, medications for newborns, and what to expect from your new baby. These issues are better discussed with you and your pediatrician as he is a professional who has invested 3 out of  7 years of medical training exclusively on children.

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